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About us

André Vanderschueren is an engineer with a solid experience in electronic products development, in telecommunications, measurement and networks. Founder and manager of ASTeC, he is also a certified trainer on MadCap Software tools, and an external stakeholder at the University of Nice.


Éric Fis is engineer, graduate of the University of Liège. Before joining André, he worked on simulation and calculation of mechanical elements in the military, automotive and aerospace fields. He is now partner of ASTeC, where his concern for accuracy is especially appreciated.


Marie-Hélène Defosse has been teacher of sciences. After graduating in computing science, she had a rich experience in the layout of school books and in the automated publishing of technical documents. Today, for ASTeC, she is consultant on MadCap Software tools. Her skills: problem-solver and eager to learn.


Valérie Gaillard has a degree in communications and applied foreign languages. With 15 years of experience in technical writing in English in the field of microelectronics, she stated her strengths: her sense of responsibility, discipline and adaptability.


Julie Horsfall is English. Her degree in computer science led her to work internationally and now in France, both in computer programming and in technical writing, especially in the field of microelectronics.


Laurence Agier-Petit is lucky to have two native languages: English and French. With a degree in technical writing of a California university and a Master 2 in communication, her experience consists of nearly 15 years of experience in technical writing, writing business and marketing / communication.


Cornelius 'Chris' Hayes is American. International by culture as by his professional experience, his main qualities are rigor and sense of responsibility. He is a technical writer in the microelectronics industry for about ten years.


Teddy Fontaine is senior technician in industrial maintenance. He practiced in various fields: electrical engineering, automation, prevention and safety. His passion for language led him to refocus on technical writing, where its hybrid profile is perfectly valued.


Colloque TC Europe, Bruxelles, 17-18/04/2015
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André will lead a MadCap Software work...

Documation-MIS, Paris, 18-19/03/2015
Documation-MIS, Pari...

ASTeC takes part to DOCUMATION-MIS...


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Rue de l'Ermitage, 59 - B-4121 Neupré - Belgique