Automation & Robotics
  • Migration of the existing Word documentation into Madcap Flare, a tool dedicated to technical writing of different publications (and different versions of publications) from a bank of single-source files.
  • PDF user manuals and HTML5 documentation of various hardware and software for video servers and video streaming management.
Medex Loncin s.a.
  • Revamping of the documentation (Word files) into shorter manuals, less descriptive and more user-oriented.
  • Improvement of the layout and graphic design.
  • Many user manuals, including the DigiMedX equipment, multifunctional stations of human radiography.
  • French documentation of DLex, a management software for law firms.
  • Context-sensitive WebHelp: the help topics (F1) are dynamically synchronized with the application.
  • Management of the Dutch translation.
ASTeC (internal projects)
  • Cookbook and HTML5 website, developed to get the MAD (Madcap Advanced Developer) certification. This project illustrates the use of CSS3 properties to enhance and prettify the graphical layout.
  • Book of classical geometry (PDF version and WebHelp version), developed to get the MAD certification. This project operates MathML, in a TeX/LateX >> MathML >> Flare >> PDF/HTML5 workflow.


Colloque TC Europe, Bruxelles, 17-18/04/2015
TC Europe Colloquium...

André will lead a MadCap Software work...

Documation-MIS, Paris, 18-19/03/2015
Documation-MIS, Pari...

ASTeC takes part to DOCUMATION-MIS...


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