A Technical Writer helps to provide a high-quality documentation.

A good documentation means faster and more satisfied customers.

The documentation is an important part of the products and the services of your company. Unfortunately it is much too often neglected in the development process.

Yet paying as much attention to the documentation as to the product itself can prove most valuable to increase your customer satisfaction as well as to decrease your maintenance costs.

Exactly as it is quite natural to entrust the products development to engineering and technical people, or sales to sales people, the documentation should equally be entrusted to professional people: the Technical Communicators or Technical Writers.

In order to write usable manuals, the Technical Writer must have a good technical background and the ability to present the information in a way adapted to the user. To achieve this, he must understand the target audience and never forget to expose all relevant information, including information considered as obvious by the developping people and thus often missing in existing manuals.

The Technical Writer is an expert who efficiently designs and develops smart technical and marketing information. He focuses on the used language as well as on the presentation. Using a logical design, clear figures and schematics, having regard for his audience and displaying technical capabilities guarantees a good and fast transfer of information from the engineer to the user.

Providing a smart documentation means that:
  • You take care of your customers,
  • Your customers will be operational faster,
  • Your customers will benefit faster and better of your products capabilities,
  • Your customers will less often call your technical support,
  • Your technical support will find more easily the needed information and will be able to take care of more requests,
  • Your sales people will have access to relevant information for better products presentation.
Working with a Technical Writer means:
  • Removing a fastidious task from the development team, a task for which they are not trained enough,
  • Getting back precious time for your products development,
  • Guaranteeing an external view on the product, a view similar to the customer's,
  • Getting a high-quality documentation at the same time as the product launch,
  • Taking advantage of the comments of a user right from the development starting phase,
  • Using dedicated efficient tools,
  • Guaranteeing an easy reuse of written content and data,
  • Simplifying the documents release, maintenance and translation.


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