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Working with ASTeC brings you a smart and easy-to-read documentation.

Technical Writing

Thanks to its broad technical background and graphical experience, ASTeC is able to quickly convert a complex subject into a short and easy-to-read text.

ASTeC works closely with your development and your marketing teams and, when required, with third-party designers and translators in order to give you a high-quality complete service. Combining technical knowledge with design results in documents specifically intended for your audience with a relevant content and an attractive layout.

For your complex projects (several types of publications, several versions in parallel, possibly in several languages), we recommend to migrate your documents to our preferred technical writing tool: Madcap Flare.

This tool manages any documentation project like a database: text topics, images, styles, master pages, variables, conditions, output targets, etc. Madcap Flare sources are clean XML documents, editable with Flare of course, but also with any external text editor. Associated properly, these sources are published to PDF, Microsoft Word, Adobe FrameMaker manuals, or to web-based formats such as Webhelp (HTML 4 or 5), Webhelp Mobile, Microsoft HTML Help (CHM), DotNet Help, etc.

The MadPak suite provides other powerful tools such as Lingo (a translation manager) and Mimic, which allows easy integration of screenshots (still pictures and animated sequences) into a Flare project. Analyzer is a tool that facilitates the analysis of a project in order to identify the texts that would benefit from being transformed into variables or reusable fragments ("reused content"). The MadPak suite includes also Contributor, to share the review of a document between different external writers and reviewers.

Important Note: Even though they are our favorite tools, we do not work with Madcap software only. If your project does not require complex management, we can work directly in your Word environment, for example. We also have the experience of other documentation CMS (Author-it) and other documentation architecture standards (XML DITA).


All ASTeC members are officially MAD certified (Madcap Advanced Developers). In addition, André Vanderschueren is CFI (Certified Flare Instructor).

In collaboration with Madcap, we can propose you a MadCap Flare (basic/ intermediate) training, to understand the software and be able to handle your documentation projects by yourself. The place and date of the training are
based on the registration requests.

Contact us without any obligation if you need a specific training for your company (at your place, with more or less attendees, on another matter).


ASTeC can manage for you the localization of your documents in any language, as well as the maintenance updates. We work natively in French and English. For other languages​​, we work regularly with professional translation offices, in Belgium and abroad.

To translate only the necessary, we work with translation memory tools. These tools analyze pieces of sentences in different languages ​​and memorize word associations. When comes a new version of the original text to be translated, the tool isolates the differences only, and for new parts to translate, it has proposals already consistent with the rest of the project. This solution is twice advantageous: it is cost-effective and ensures consistency of a project.

From the simple translation of a document until the migration of a complete project into a localization management tool, we have solutions for you.

Feel free to explain your case.
We will send you quickly a quote and a deadline.


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